Sunday, October 18, 2009

Attention Accessories

I was exploring, a fantastic website where you can buy handmade goods directly from artists. It's a great set up because Etsy allows the artist to get themselves on the market and the goods are generally high quality and there is some very cool stuff. It's also great to buy from and support young designers and artists.

Tonight I came across one artist in particular tonight who makes very interesting accessories which are definitely worth sharing.

This Etsy shop is called Giia Neckpieces and Accessories and the artists makes fantastic bib necklaces which are very on trend this season. Designers such as Donna Karan and Jason Wu were showing them on the runway for Fall. These particular pieces are handcrafted by the artist in her studio in Italy. They are made from felt (great for fall!) and layered so that they have depth, interesting especially in the piece on the left which is made to resemble inlaid stones. She also carries colorful pieces but these three show a range of her available styles.
Bib necklaces are also a wonderful solution to a shirt that is just a little bit too low at the neckline. They are so cool and are much more interesting than a crew neck shell.

1. (Left) Mask Stone Bib Statement Necklace, $95

2. (Center) Wien Hex Bib Statement Necklace, $75

3. (Right) Organic V Bib Statement Necklace, $90

The link for her Etsy shop where you can view and purchase her pieces is

If you get the chance, do take a look and look around the rest of Etsy too. It's really a lot of fun and you would be suprised at how cool some of the things are!

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