Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Few Long Skirts

Long skirts are great. They're comfortable, versatile, and warmer in the winter months. To keep you from falling into a black slinky skirt rut, here are a few options of long comfortable skirts by designer Rachel Pally which incorporate interesting textiles or details to add interest. All are available at

1. (Right) Striped jersey maxi skirt, $198.
2. (Center) Fortuna long jersey skirt, $194.
3. (Left) Tye-dye jersey skirt, $220.
The striped skirt is a great option for a bright color top, or, if you are feeling bold, a printed top like a bright floral with a jacket or cardigan. The black skirt has great detail at the waist and is a good way to go if you want to maintain a more conservative look. The tye-dye skirt combines an organic feel with a neutral pallette, making it relatively easy to wear.

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