Friday, October 16, 2009

Rethinking the Cardigan

Cardigans are great, especially when you need some extra layers. This season, however, classic preppy style cardigan is stepping aside to make way for the new cardigan which is much looser, draped, and just fantastic.
The new cardigan looks great with a pencil skirt or alternately you can wear them belted with a fuller skirt.

1. (Left) Convertible Drape Cardigan, $194, by Alice + Olivia at

2. (Center Left) Draped Knit Cardigan, $17.80, from Forever 21 at

3. (Center Right) Front Drape Cardigan, $435, from Les Nouvelles at

4. (Right) Ombre Open Sweater, $33.99, from Charlotte Russe at

The Alice + Olivia is great because you can style it freely depending on your outfit. The Les Nouvelles version is really beautiful and if you look at the website you can see all the small details that make it so special. I like the shape of the Forever 21 version and I think it is very easy to wear. As for Charlotte Russe, well, ombre's always fun. I also think that the angled hem is flattering.

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