Thursday, October 15, 2009

Interestingly Frum Styling at DKNY

This is the DKNY ad campaign that is being printed right now in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, etc. It caught my eye because I thought it was so interesting that they were using a turtleneck under the short sleeved v-neck dress in the last look. It's a new way to layer a low cut dress that gives it an quirky twist, especially with opaque tights. Note also the belting over the suit jacket and the cowl scarves.

Upon doing a little extra research I found another fantastic ad which has a similar concept but is even more colorful and exciting!

Here are a few turtlenecks which can be used to create some of these looks.

1. (Left) Turtleneck Sweater, (on sale) $29.99 by Dana Buckman for Kohls at

2. (Center) Layering Turtleneck, $39.50 from Ann Taylor Loft at

3. (Right) DKNY Long sleeve merino turtleneck $145.00 at

Target also has some inexpensive options in addition to carrying striped turtlenecks which can bring your layering adventure to a whole new level.

This whole tznius extravaganza at DKNY might be because Donna Karan is Jewish, but it's more likely because they just have a creative stylist.
Either way, I'm a fan.

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