Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tznius Spotlight: Tory Burch

Amid my online shopping I came across these lovely dresses from designer Tory Burch. They would be really fun to style and layer on top of and are great because they need no undershirts or other frum-wear. The patterned dresses especially would be great with patterned tights, either printed or crocheted. If you want to play it a little bit safer, solid but colorful tights are always a good way to go.
I do realize that these dresses are a little bit on the short side so if you are tall they might not quite reach your knees. Dark tights would help obscure the lack of length slightly.
All dresses can be viewed and purchased on
From left: Augustin Dress, $425, Port Dress, $425, Kareema Dress, $237, and Shawna Dress, $435, shown in both print and black.

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