Sunday, October 18, 2009

All About Texture

I know many of you love to wear black all the time. You'll be glad to know that many designers were showing runways full of black for Fall 09. I wanted to post some ideas about taking black to the next level.

(Left to Right) All from Fall 09 Runway Shows: Ralph Lauren, Junya Wantanabe, Michael Kors

What makes the looks above interesting is the play of texture and sheen in the different black garments. Ralph Lauren uses sequins and wool, Junya Wantanabe uses a black knit with sparkle and nylon, and Michael Kors shows simple knit with leather.

Below are a few pieces you can use to texturize your blacks:

1. Cropped Jacket, $79, Signature Silk Velvet Collection from Spiegel at

2. Stretch Sequin Skirt (sale $98) by Donna Karan at

3. Braided Leatherette Belt ($6.80) from Forever 21 at

4. Textured Black Neckwarmer ($28) by Fuzzy Lumkin Crochet at

5. Cable Fingerless Gloves ($125) by Vince at

Sequins, velvet, chunky knits, and braids are just some of the ways to add texture. This works well in any outfit in a single color.

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